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Helmet Vanga  (Helmetbird)
The Helmet Vanga, scientifically named Euryceros prevostii (Passeriformes - Vangidae), is a peculiar bird, endemic to Madagascar, impressive for its large, deep and pale blue bill, contrasting with the black body and the chestnut back, rump and central tail feathers. 
Helmet vangas are shy birds that frequently join mixed-species flocks with other large vangas and feed on a range of invertebrates including large insects, snails, spiders and crabs as well as lizards.
Because Euryceros prevostii is only known from primary forest, generally below 800 m, where it is uncommon and patchy in distribution, restricted to the northern part of the humid evergreen forests of eastern Madagascar, the species is regarded as Vulnerable.
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Photo credit: ©Giovanni Mari | Locality: Masoala National Park, Madagascar

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